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Reformer class level 1

Reformer Class level 1 is designed for anyone, whether you are new to pilates or have taken classes before. In this class you will learn how to use the reformer while seriously challenging your body. We will work on every muscle in the body, toning and sculpting.

Reformer class level 2

Reformer Class Level 2, a more advanced workout where we push harder, hold for longer, more resistance, more reps and more advanced movement.

Reformer class cardio trampoline

Reformer Class Cardio/Trampoline utilizes the reformer and attached trampoline, launching you into an exhilarating, high-energy cardio workout. The trampoline slupts/shapes your legs, works and stabilizes your core, increases your heart rate, and all without any hard impact on the joints.

Barre and sculpt

Barre and Sculpt, a technique inspired by Ballet and Pilates, is a low impact, high intensity movement designed to strengthen and tone your body like no other workout. Using pilates props such as light hand-weights, Pilates ball, and a box, you will feel the burn in every muscle.


TRX Class is perfect for anyone, no matter the skill level. A beautiful combination of Pilates & TRX that strengthens/tones the body and core, and burns calories. TRX can be modified for any skill level.

Private sessions

Private sessions are the perfect way to personalize your workout we will tailor your private session based on your individual goals and needs.

Booty Sculpting

Booty Sculpting is a full body workout. In this class we will focus on your glutes. Every move utilized will focus on sculpting a different section of your booty, being sure to give your glutes lots of love.


In this class you will get a full body workout while focusing on your core. Every move utilized will focus on shredding a different section of your core, being sure to strengthen you from all angles.

Reformer Stretch

In our Reformer Stretch Class, we will feel the amazing benefits of Pilates. As we take you through our stretch class, we will use the reformer, foam roller, and a mat to get your body feeling like you have never felt before. This class will leave you balanced, energized and ready for anything life may throw at you!

Why Choose Us

  • We maintain a healthy diet and bring a fit body in a month. 

    We assure to keep a maximum relaxation from stress and a tired muscle which enhances the ability to increase workout with no pressure

    Meals and drinks are equally divided with the time limit and their way of use.

  • The online course with different types of fitness exercises is naturally performed without any extra effort.

First Class is $10 (New Clients Only)

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