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really nice equipment. the class was challenging but also lots of fun.

Hye P

I am thrilled to be part of your studio. I am completely sore, but able to push through a nice walk last night. I hope to see you this evening! Have a beautiful day!

Cristina C

Amazing class. It challenged me in the best ways. I’m sore!

Alanna J

Omg the hardest class still sore but food sore!!

Poupee K

Wonderful opportunity to mix Pilates moves with deep stretching.

Laila A

Loved the class today 🙂

Karla D

Can a challenging exercise be so productive, and fun? Yes! Love Sara and her classes. The others who attend the classes are fun, too, and we all encourage each other.

Beverly Mills

Great classes! Sara is excellent and I love the way she teaches.

Kathleen Ries

Best Pilates Classes Providers in California.

James Hope

I discovered Sara’s Pilates Lounge because it was next to my favorite donut shop. I am so grateful because since I began, 2 months ago, I have not only become stronger, increased flexibility and become more stable. I began Pilates because I am 80-years old and didn’t want to lose any capabilities due to my age. Thanks Sara.


WOW! I just had my first class here and it felt like home! What a wonderful experience! I missed doing pilates so much but I was not happy with the other pilates places. I had the instructor Esther and she was amazing! Super knowledgeable, very sweet and would giggle along with you while you try to power through the burn. She was very clear with instructions and provided modifications when needed. It was a small class which was nice because it allowed for more attention from the instructor. The layout of the space is so fresh and clean. Love how new the equipment is also! Front desk help was nice and efficient with checking me in. Will definitely be coming back.

Chiara Perbil

I can’t say enough good things about Sara and her studio. She is a great instructor who keeps it fun but CHALLENGING!! The place is very clean and when you arrive you’re alway greeted with a smile from her and whoever is behind the desk at that time. The people that come here are also all wonderful and it has felt like a family from the beginning.


The best pilates classes! Every class is different, challenging, and always very fun! Can’t say enough good things about Pilates Lounge, beautiful studio space and welcoming environment. I always look forward to my workouts here, and feel amazing afterward. Sara is an incredible instructor. Knowledgeable, professional, and kind – and will always adjust exercises/accommodate your needs. Not to mention, she also has the best, top of the line equipment! I would recommend her classes to anyone.


As a devotee of Pilates for 20 years I can say that Sara is by far the most exceptional instructor I have ever had. She is so knowledgeable and her instruction and descriptive cues insure that we are executing the moves properly. Sara has the expertise and ability to constantly challenge her students by making each workout unique and dynamic. Her passion for Pilates is inspiring and emanates to everyone she teaches! She is the absolute best! Lori D

Lori Dobrin

I first met Sara when I joined a Pilates studio in 2018. I loved every single class she taught. She has a gentle and kind way of teaching Pilates. In 2020, during the pandemic, our studio closed. Sara started teaching mat pilates on zoom five days a week. I (and my body) were grateful that she found a way to continue our classes. She was creative and continued to kick our booties. When she left the studio to start anew, I had to follow her. I would follow her wherever she goes. I highly recommend joining this fabulous instructor.

Kim A

Sara is hands down the best pilates teacher you will find in the area. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, she does a great job at making you feel comfortable yet challenged. Best booty and ab workout I’ve ever done! You will leave feeling energized, sore and wanting more!

Hilary stein

I have been taking classes from Sara for 3 years. She is an absolute expert in her field. Rarely do I leave a generic Pilates class feeling like I got a really good workout and I always leave Sara’s classes feeling just that…a great burn! Sara’s classes are awesome and never disappoint!

Danielle Crawford

Sara is the BEST Pilates instructor ! I have been working out with Sara for over 5 years and I would follow her anywhere ! She has the most creative, well- transitioned and fun classes – she is precise, knowledgeable, and cares about you and literally shapes your body into the best it can be ! I can’t say enough about how amazing she is! Congrats on your studio! 🧡

Hilary Pritchett

Sara is amazing! She is a true professional Pilates instructor. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and her instruction is very effective. There are no words to describe Sara. I have tried so many other workouts and there is nothing like this! I look forward to all her classes. Every session is different, exciting and super challenging! Pilates with Sara has been so effective on my strength and weight loss; it is like nothing I have ever done before. My body is reforming, and I have a completely different shape. I am much longer and leaner. Sara has such a great energy and she cares so much about each and every one of her clients that we have become like family. She goes above and beyond helping the client to reach their goals! My core was incredibly weak before working with her. In just a few weeks I felt the results. That is my takeaway and her greatest strength. She delivers like no other Pilates instructor! Thank You Sara for everything!


Sara is that unique instructor that combines creativity, fun, and always, a focus on correct form. Her workouts are among the toughest and the most rewarding I’ve ever had. Her Zoom classes during the long pandemic months when we couldn’t go into the studio kept me motivated and fit, and provided me with a bright spot each day during a difficult time. I’ve had many Pilates instructors over the years and Sara is one of the best!

Lori Hultin

One class from Sara and you now have your new standard for which you measure all other pilates instructors and classes! Sara is creative, innovative, thoughtful and always challenging. Her cues are clear and focused. Her combinations and transitions are smooth, using equipment in in a multiple of ways, within one workout, limiting time wasting, enhancing creativity and you will never get the same workout twice! On a personal level, Sara is a sweetheart, she is caring and kind. She is all around a beautiful person and an outstanding pilates instructor/trainer.

Shari Mark

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